Hi! I’m Meg Jolly, and I’m here to help you make a living as an author.

I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author of epic fantasy, co-founder of the industry disrupting BookSniffer app, experienced book cover illustrator, and author consultant.

I hail from the wild and windswept moors of Yorkshire England, where I live with my (patient and long-suffering) husband, (sometimes sweet and sometimes terrible) toddler, and two (adorable and totally lazy) cats.

I’m passionate about writing fantastic stories, reaching readers – and making a good living doing so to support my family. If you want that too? I’m here to help.



In my pre-author life, I was a trained Accounting Technician, and I have a First Class BA (Hons) Primary Education degree, with several years of experience in the retail and customer services sectors also. But… my heart was never in any of it.

Since I was a young child, I’ve loved stories, and lived in my imagination. I could never give up on my dream of being able to write my own stories… never did I ever dare to dream that I could publish them… let alone make a living from them. It just wasn’t done, and the opportunities didn’t exist unless you signed with a publisher for an eye-watering amount, which didn’t – and still doesn’t – happen.

Enter self-publishing. And the lightning-paced decade or so since it really took flight. At last… there was a glimmer of hope that my stories might see th elight of day, might be read… and that I could fulfil a lifelong dream. Perhaps this sounds familiar?

Since publishing my first book in 2014 and realising that there was so much more to being a successful author than writing a great book, I’ve worked hard to learn the ropes of independent publishing – and master them, to become one of the most successful authors in my genre, and across the industry as a whole.

Marching up to my first 1,000,000 words written, and with several hundred thousand book sales under my belt, you can be sure I’m practising what I preach. I’m not one of those washed out coaches who can’t sell a book to save their life, but is happy to preach to you (and take your money). Nope. You can be sure I’m still in the trenches every day, figuring out how to adapt in an ever-changing industry, stay ahead, and keep writing fantastic stories that leave my readers wanting more.

I’m passionate about what I do, and my number one goal in my own writing is always to write the best story I can, followed by reaching readers old and new. I live and breathe writing, and honestly? I have no desire to go back to a day job again. At all. Ever. I’m done working for The Man! 😉

That’s why I’m so driven to succeed. Indie authoring has given me financial freedom far greater than I could ever have achieved in my previous careers – and more importantly, a sense of personal fulfilment, getting to do what I love every day, flexibly around my family. Storytelling is one of the most powerfully positive legacies to be able to leave, I believe, and I am so proud, humbled, and honoured to be able to do this full time.

Yet, I see this freedom, and I see so many other authors struggling – just like I used to, trying to write great stories, sell books, and make ends meet. It can be hard. It can be overwhelming. It can be demoralising. I know. I’ve been there. And I really want to help you achieve success in your own publishing career; whatever that looks like to you.

If you’d like to work together, you can check out my services, and I warmly welcome you to join my free Facebook Community of like-minded authors.

Let's do this!

Meg x

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