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get a ‘one click buy’ book cover to stand out from the crowd

I’m an experienced book cover designer with several years of specialist experience in the fantasy genre, and illustrate for some of the top fantasy authors around the world. My current rates and a sample of my work are available below.


Work with me to create a unique, bespoke cover that will stand a head above the rest in your genre.

the design process


Book your dream cover…

Contact me to arrange your start date and pay your £50 deposit.

You’ll receive access to your client forms, to complete details for your cover ahead of your scheduled slot.

I’ll contact you before your slot to begin the exciting second step…

Let the ideas flow.


Bring the magic to life…

We’ll match ideas for your cover to current trends in your genre to create a unique concept that represents your story and will wow readers.

We’ll select model and background stock, agree on typography, colour scheme, and composition.

On your confirmation of concept, I’ll create your dream cover!

Expertly precise design.


Hone to perfection…

Our detailed consultations allow me to produce your perfect cover quickly and expertly. At this stage, minor tweaks might be required to polish the final product.

Your book cover is ready to go! Need any more services? No problem. I offer bespoke print and audio add ons, animations, and marketing packages. whenever you need.

An irresistible final cover.






  • Up to 3 concepts
  • Up to 3 minor revisions
  • Full background
  • 1 exclusive character
  • Premium typography
  • Series continuations available
  • Stock costs included (Depositphotos), or supply your own.
  • Premium boutique stock available at a surcharge.


  • Additional characters (£50)
  • Couples (£75)
  • Custom 3D rendering (£50-100)



Create a professional paperback wrap to wow your readers.

Multiple paperback wraps and print manufacturers catered for.

Hardback and additional print formats also available on request, including dust jacket designs.


  • Up to 3 minor revisions
  • Plain background


  • Illustrated wrap (£25)



Have coherent, professional imagery and branding across all your formats.

Want to work together?

Email me at the button below – let’s chat about your project and see if we’d be a great fit to work together to bring your best-selling book cover to life.

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